NYE Inspiration

Oggi ho messo pienamente in atto la "vita da vacanza": non ho fatto praticamente nulla ahaha! No, in realtà ho preparato i biscotti, letto, guardato un film e mi sono sbizzarrita su Polyvore, spero che questi abbinamenti vi possano ispirare se, come me, non avete ancora scelto il vostro dress-code per domani. (Ah, funzionano di più se ascoltate le canzoni che ho scritto sotto ad ognuno:) )

Qualunque cosa scegliate di indossare, comunque, abbiate cura di passare la serata divertendovi e con persone che vi stanno a cuore. E il mio augurio che possiate in questo 2012 realizzare i vostri sogni, anche i più piccoli e nascosti. Con tanto affetto.

Whatever you'll be wearing tomorrow night, remember to spend the night having fun with your dearest friends. And my wish that, during this new year, you can achieve all your dreams. The ones you have always wanted to realize and the ones you didn't even know. With love.


christmas holidays: photo diary 1

Just some shots (Instagram!) about these last days. What about you? Already planned your new year's eve? Big hugs 

Ps: do you remember I wrote a post the day before my Delf exam??? Result: 95/100!!!! It has been such a great satisfaction :)


i've got something sparkling

Very very random to show you these news (well actually the necklace was a birthday present ;) ). Like them?

Have a good Sunday everyone! 


red parade

Since yesterday I have officially turned my Christmas mood on and I feeeeeeeeeel fantastic. Well, I feel fantastic also because it's Friday and my holidays are finally coming, yay.
Here is a little red parade just to underline what I said before and to wish you a good weekend.

Let the Christmas magic begin! (Yes, I am 17 and I still love Christmas atmosphere as when I was 4!!!!)


December inspiration

This is my inspiration list for this December and yes, of course by the time Christmas arrives I'll change it 362819101 times. I can't obviously afford all these precious things but I'm firmly convinced of finding something similar. Starting...tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow seems to be the best choice.
So what are you planning for your Christmas shopping? Let me know!

Have a nice weekend sweeties 
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