the hardest mission

I've got a list. On this list I usually write everything I need because, you know, when you have too much wishes you end up forgiving part of them. So, it's long time since I wrote on the list "a pair of black pumps" for the first time.
I think that in every woman's wardrobe there must be some must-haves (a pair of black, elegant trousers, a white shirt, a pair of black pumps, a sheath dress) and I realized, with my great embarassment, that I've got none.  So I started from the pumps: today I woke up feeling really brave and decided to go looking for them (not to leave out that I have been invited to two birthday parties the next two weeks and I absolutely need them).
I spent all the afternoon trying, I'm not exagerating, about 65431236 pairs of shoes; the result: I bought none. I've always thought that missions like lose 5 kilos, go to the gym everyday and so on must be considered impossibile but just because I've never looked for black pumps.

There are only 4 days, 240 hours, 14400 minutes left to get them, wish me luck :)


Buoni propositi

Prometto di imparare a camminare sui tacchi e di non rifugiarmi più nelle ballerine nei momenti di bisogno; prometto di mettere sempre la crema nutriente e i semi di lino sui capelli e di imparare a pronunciare la R moscia quando parlo in francese. Non userò più la sedia come armadio e il pavimento come libreria e non comprerò più le solite cose quando farò shopping.
Prometto anche che mi lascerò trasportare da tutto ciò che quest'anno ha di bello da offrirmi senza precludermi niente, e mangerò meno cioccolato. Lo prometto.