snowy days

Heeeey sweeties how are you?? I'm feeling really guilty because I haven't posted anything for ages. Yes, I know. I promised I would have tried to write something more often, but January has been "crazy", because of the school, trainings, illness and so on. I'm sorry, for real.

Anyway, it's a week since it snowed the first time here and temperatures are around -5°/-9°: it's almost impossible to stay out for long without freezing. However I must admit that the atmophere's great, it seems to be in a fairy tale in particular early in the morning: icicles everywhere, cats prints on the blanket of snow just fallen, silence. Moreover, when it's so cold outside there are some must-dos to spend your days relaxing, if you don't want to sleep all day long (which is quite a good option in any case).

♥ 8.00am: get up(!!) and drink a cup of hot milk with a touch of cinnamon (it's really christmas-like) and read your favourite magazine.

♥ open (yes, I said it!) your room's window and breathe the freezing air. It immediately wakes you up!! Wash your face and spread on a moisturizing cream.

♥ wear something comfortable and read a romantic novel (right now I'm reading Bel-Ami by Guy de Maupassant, it seems magic!)

♥ watch 27401 episodes of your favourite tv-series.

♥5.00pm: drink a cup of tea with butter biscuits. Look out of the window the snow falling.

♥ make a cake for someone you love

♥ call your best friend and talk to her for hours

♥ put a new nail varnish on

Do you have your must-dos for snowy days too? Let me know!!! :)

2 commenti:

  1. ciao Beatrice=)
    vedo che il tuo blog è appena in partenza;)la prima immagine l'hai scattata tu?La trovo molto bella, crea grande atmosfera.
    Ne avessi di più anche io di queste giornate...!
    In bocca al lupo !
    al prossimo post;)

    1. Ehi! No purtroppo non l'ho scattata io ma piace moltissimo anche a me, rilassa immensamente! A proposito di queste giornate, ti capisco (anche se sono "solo" al liceo!), bisognerebbe prendersene una ogni tanto e poi ripartire più cariche!

      Alla prossima ♥